Revitadine Longevity Elixir for the Skin helps to exfoliate dead and dying skin while working with your own stem cells to replenish new fresh looking skin.

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Product Description

Scientists have recently isolated a substance that is naturally found inside the body that is largely credited with these senolytic benefits.

We are among the very first to bring it to topically applied skin care, called Revitadine™. While we can’t expect the same benefits in a cosmetic product, we do know that younger people have more of this compound on their skin than older people. It appears to improve the environment for “cellular recycling” and early studies have indicated several important beauty benefits:

• Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by helping to your body plump skin
volume and exfoliate dead and damaged skin.
• Fights free radicals and environmental stressors that can lead to older looking skin.
• Helps to preserve the integrity of your skin’s protective barrier to retain moisture and
keep out skin-damaging toxins.
• Help your skin look and feel firmer and more supple.

And to maximize the beauty benefit, we have combined this powerful anti-aging ingredient with a formula designed to support and nourish your own stem cells to help create the newer, fresher-looking skin that you enjoyed when you were younger. Think about it – you’re combining that with the ability to slough off those aging, dead cells that are causing you to look older faster. It’s a mighty one-two punch against the visible signs of aging that will help you roll back the clock and recapture a more radiant, youthful look.